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We understand that when you need an electrician, you want to deal with professional and dependable electrical contractors at the best possible price. We are experts in all commercial and residential electrical work, so our electricians are very efficient and can complete your electrical projects as fast as possible.

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Electrician Brisbane North and South

Affordable Brisbane Electricians

Our team of qualified electricians can provide you with an extensive range of commercial and residential electrical services. We are an experienced Brisbane electricians that takes pride in providing professional electrical installations and repairs across Brisbane northside and southside suburbs.

As a licensed Brisbane electrical contractor, our most popular services are installing smoke detectors, powerpoints, switchboard replacement, hot water systems, LED lighting and many more electrical projects. Our local electricians can assist you if you have a power outage or a problem with a safety switch in your switchboard, no hot water or other electrical issues that you may be experiencing.

Our electricians can visit your home or business in full-service vehicles stocked with electrical components, including power points, LED lights and switches, smoke alarms, and electrical safety switches. This gives us everything we need, resulting in electrical work being completed as quickly as possible.

20+ Years Experience as Qualified Electricians

With over 20 years in the electrical industry, we have extensive knowledge and experience to get the job done right. We are fully insured and undertake every job professionally and with a strong focus on safety. Our electrical services include small electrical jobs around the home, electrical installations like fans and smoke alarms and all general electrical maintenance and repairs. Whilst at your home, we take care with your belongings, use drop sheets to protect your flooring and clean up when all electrical work is completed.

Our Brisbane Electrical Services

  • RCeiling Fan Installations
  • RSmoke Alarms
  • RSmoke Detectors
  • RWaterproof Power Points
  • RLED Downlights
  • RElectric Cooktop Installs
  • RElectric Oven Installation
  • RHouse Rewiring
  • RBathroom Electrical Work
  • RBathroom Exhaust Fans
  • RDigital TV Points
  • RTV Wall Mounting
  • RTelephone Points
  • RData Cabling
  • RCommercial Electrical
  • RRetail Store Fitouts
  • RRCD Safety Switches
  • RSurge Protectors
  • RPower Outages
  • RElectrical Fault Finding
  • RSwitchboard Upgrades
  • RSafety Switch Tripping
  • RElectrical Repairs
  • REmergency Lighting
  • RHot Water Systems
  • RSensor Lights
  • RAll LED Lighting
  • RElectrical Maintenance
  • RSafety Inspections
  • RCommercial Electrical
  • RTesting & Tagging
  • RSingle & 3 Phase Power

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Cost Effective Pricing

Our rates are affordable rates transparent. We offer no-obligation quotes.

Reliable & Respectful

Our time is valuable and we know yours is too. We arrive at the agreed scheduled time.

Qualified & Insured

We are a Bronze Master Electrician and Master Cabler and are fully insured.

Experts in Our Field

We are experts in all commercial and residential electrical work, and are great at fault finding.

LED Lighting and Downlights

If you thinking of replacing your old protruding or recessed halogen downlights with new energy-efficient LED lights then our Brisbane Electricians have got you covered.

Many people want to replace LED downlights due to the energy-saving benefits and LED lights being much safer as they don’t heat up like Halogen bulbs. LED lighting uses up to 85% less electricity and operates at significantly cooler temperatures than halogen lights. LED lighting are a sleek, versatile, and modern light design choice that allows you to adjust the colour and brightness of the light that is emitted. These feature makes them popular lighting solution in renovation projects, commercial or office applications as well are retail fitouts.

Smoke Alarms

Having smoke alarms fitted to your home has been mandatory in Queensland for decades. New legislation has been introduced starting that from 1 January 2017 photoelectric type smoke alarms must be hard-wired to the electrical circuit or powered by a 10-year lithium battery. They must also be interconnected (connected together, so when one smoke alarm is activated by smoke fumes, all alarms are activated). The Queensland smoke alarm legislation states smoke alarms must be installed in every bedrooms plus any hallway which is adjacent to a bedroom. If your property is multi-story then there needs be at least one smoke alarm on each level. As a home owner, landlord, or tenant, you must legally comply with these new laws. We can help you to meet your obligations with our smoke alarm installation and testing service.

Power Points

Electrical fires are a leading cause of housefires in Queensland, with overloading electrical circuits being main the reason. While plugging powerboards into your electrical sockets is a convenient way use charging or using multiple devices, it is important to remember that the electrical wires behind the powerpoint can only carry so much current.

Another cause of electrical fires is worn out or loose power point sockets. With a lot of electrical voltage concentrated in one place, power points must be well maintained and replaced if damaged.

If you need to have another power point installed or an electrician to inspect a possible fault, then you won’t find a better electrical contractor than our highly experience team of Brisbane electicians.

Safety Switches & Switchboards

Safety switches (also known are RCD switches) have been mandatory in all new Queensland homes since 1992. They are essential to protect people in your home or business as they are designed to minimise the likelihood of a person receiving an electric shock that could be fatal.

Many Queensland houses built before 1980 either don’t have a safety switch installed, or it only protects the power circuits. Each electrical circuit in your home should have a safety switch installed, including all powerpoint, air conditioning, oven, electric hot water system, and light circuits.

The importance of Safety switches and a correctly functioning switchboard should never be underestimated.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans are a very common way homeowners beat the summer heat. They are highly efficient and are the most affordable ways to cool a home, costing only a few dollars to operate all day or night. This makes them a much cheaper alternative to cooling with air conditioning.

In Brisbane, we have an extensive range of fan design options. Ceiling fans are available with or without built-in lights, in many different colours and styles, remote-controlled or switch-operated and outdoor fan options for entertaining spaces are also available.

Our highly experienced team can replace an existing fan or perform a brand new ceiling fan installation in a room of your home or office.

Electrician Brisbane North and South

At Village Electrical and Data, we provide a large range of commercial and residential electrical services and are experts in data cabling. Whether you are looking for qualified Brisbane electricians to diagnose an electrical fault, install smoke alarms, fit recessed LED lights, safety switch installation, or need a licensed electrical contractor for another electrical project, we have the skills and expertise to help you with all of your electrical requirements at very affordable prices.

Every year, inferior imported electrical components and cables cause electrical faults, with many instances leading to electrical fires in homes and at business premises. Our team only uses high-quality products manufactured by industry leaders like Brilliant, Clipsal and HPM provided by Australian electrical wholesalers.

No matter how big or small the project, we provide exceptional services and cost-effective solutions for our clients. If you would like to work with one of the best electrical contractors in Brisbane, give us a call today!

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